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For Construction, Business and Private Clients


Delivering excellence on time and on budget

Taylor Law’s focus is on stakeholders in the Construction sector, who need fast and effective practical solutions.


Driven by people who like doing business

Business is ultimately about profit. This principle forms the backbone of our Dispute Resolution and Avoidance service for Businesses.


Helping to keep your busy life running smoothly

Busy schedules mean that we need our private lives to run smoothly. We want time to relax with our family and friends. We expect the best from our suppliers and service providers.

Focused Dynamic Solutions

Taylor Law is a solicitors practice specialising in dispute resolution and avoidance. Our focus is on Construction and Commerce for SME’s and private clients. We support our clients in any dispute they may face, including Construction and Property Disputes, Commercial Disputes, Debt Recovery and Insolvency. We also accept appointments as Mediator, Expert Determiner, Adjudicator, or Arbitrator. Our drive for excellence is powered by people who like doing business.

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As a client of Taylor Law you are assured that we will look after your interests throughout the process. As solicitors, we must meet exacting standards to give you the confidence that your Dispute will be handled with openness, transparency and integrity. We have extended rights to act for you in all forms of Dispute Resolution, being authorised to represent you in court, or to instruct Counsel to do so.

Taylor Law focuses on solutions that are commercial and cost effective. We tailor our services to our clients’ situations. We develop and implement strategies, which aim to achieve a commercial outcome.

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In mediation, innovative solutions can be found to maintain future relations between...

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Negotiation is mediation without the mediator.  The parties or their representativ...

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Expert Determination

Expert Determination

Expert determination can be time-saving and cost-effective.  An expert can use thei...

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Fixed Fee Adjudication

We offer fixed fees for Legal Support in Adjudications* There is a statutory enti...

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Arbitration is, essentially, litigation by agreement. The parties may agree on the p...

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Generally, there is a right to litigate a dispute by raising an action in court.  W...

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Dispute Avoidance

Dispute Avoidance

Disputes are expensive.  They cost money, time and emotional strain whether in busi...

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From our offices in Edinburgh and Aberdour, we are ideally positioned to deliver our specialist services across Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom.



Read what our clients say about us. We would be delighted to hear your views too. Please Contact Us.

Ms Anderson (Private Client)

Taylor Law’s approachable and positive way of doing things made a stressful situation easier.  I really appreciated that.

Currie & Brown

We are always happy to work with Ross, who gives a first class service and is a pleasure to work alongside.


Ross Taylor

Being a good solicitor is about much more than just knowledge. It’s about understanding our clients’ needs and getting to the outcomes that work.

The Pickstock Group

The Pickstock Group has received an impeccable service from Taylor Law over the years, with a quick, non-nonsense approach to everything that we bring to them. Taylor Law’s expertise and professionalism results in effective outcomes. We would be delighted and have no hesitation to recommend their services to other companies.

Sips Industries Ltd

Whether it’s a quick question or a full explanation on how to take our case further we never have any doubt than to pick up the phone and ask for Ross to help us. Ross and his team are both friendly and professional and always puts our mind at rest that we can hand over any issues to them and they will get it sorted.



Chuttersnap Nmrutsa7094 Unsplash
12, August 2019

Why do publicly procured construction projects go wrong so often?

Recent media coverage regarding the delayed opening and spiralling costs of the new children's hospital in Edinburgh has raised question...

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Chris Flexen Ekaqjdfyeve Unsplash
26, July 2019

“New Parliamentary Bill should include ‘rogue builder’ provision”

Ross Taylor, principal solicitor at Taylor Law is calling for the The New Build Homes (Buyer Protection)(Scotland)Bill, proposed by Grah...

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Tom Thain 0urg2zegmc Unsplash
5, July 2019

Bill Seeks to Close Consumer Protection Gap for House Buyers

Time to close the “lottery” when buying a new-build home. In supporting The New Build Homes (Buyer Protection)(Scotland)Bill- prop...

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2, May 2019

Can you dispute true value, before you’ve paid?

Do you remember the directions of Sir Rupert Jackson in November 2018, in S & T (UK) Limited v Grove Developments Limited?  If not,...

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Construction Payments
19, November 2018

Clarity at last on payments in the construction sector

At least in England and Wales In January 2017, the Sheriff Appeal Court issued a decision about rights to payment under a Constructio...

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Natural Justice Adjudication
8, May 2017

Under Pressure: Natural Justice in Adjudication

Introduction Adjudication is a ‘fast track’ dispute resolution procedure, which has legislative backing for the Construction sector...

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