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Dispute Avoidance

Avoid dispute by agreeing
a contract fit for purpose

Dispute Avoidance

Disputes are expensive.  They cost money, time and emotional strain whether in business or private life. The likelihood of disputes arising, and the costs involved in resolving disputes that do arise can be reduced.

The best method for dispute avoidance is to seek to ensure that the terms of any contract or agreement are clear, precise and unambiguous. Provisions about dispute resolution procedure, which is tailored to fit with the scope and nature of the contract or agreement should also be included.

Taylor Law can assist you in avoiding or reducing the cost of dispute by reviewing your contracts, agreements, standard terms or by assisting you at the tender stage.

Find out about some Dispute Resolution processes:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Mediation
  3. Expert Determination
  4. Adjudication
  5. Arbitration
  6. Litigation


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